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Thank you for your Continuous Patronage.
We closed our shop and no longer sell any components.

We are a group of electronic enthusiasts frequently involving in hobby electronic projects. Our interest roots back to our engineering college days. For any of our electronic projects we always faced the trouble of getting the specific components. Its availability in a nearby shop is always skeptical. The challenges we faced while executing any projects reminded us of students, hobbyists and similar enthusiasts like us who may be located remotely in a small town or a village, which prevents them in accessing the right shop for the right component.

The growth of internet and its reach to every village in India provoked us with an idea to start the hobby2go online shop for electronic components. We don’t want anybody like us getting trouble in finding the right components for their projects (especially students). Wherever they live in India, spending few minutes on our website and ordering the required components will relieve them from any tension as the components will reach their home safe and sound!

We are trying to add more components to our database and we are doing it. The day I am writing this, there are nearly more than 2000 components, including the PICAXE ICs ready to reach your door step. The day you are reading this there may be more than 3000 components. Our wish is to cover all the components available in the world.

We are happy to have created such an initiative and continuing the same to help students, hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts relive from their pain of searching a nearby shop and buying the components. We hope provided you an wonderful experience in our website.

Happy Shopping!!

Hobby2Go Team