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Thank you for your Continuous Patronage.
We closed our shop and no longer sell any components.

Cancellation of orders placed but no payment made.

If you have placed an order and didn't make the payment, the order will be automatically cancelled after 3 business days. You may have to contact us via email to re-enable the order for making payments and it is subject to the availability of the order items.

Cancellation of successful orders (payment made)

If you have placed an order and made the payment, the order processing will start. If you change your mind, We encourage you to let us know via email (enquiry@hobby2go) to cancel the order before we ship them. Once shipped, the cancellation of the order is not possible.

Refund of payment made.

If you have paid through our payment gateway (CCAvenue), we will issue a refund on successful cancellation to the same payment mode which you used to make the payment (eg. if you have used credit card, the refund will be credited back to your credit card with-in 7 business days)

If you have paid through NEFT/Money Order/Bank Deposit, We would be issuing you an cheque deducting the actual shipping charges for the same. If case if you provide your bank details, we would do an NEFT Transfer of the refund amount.